Foundation for Delaware County Celebrates Anniversary With Endowment Incentive

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Image via The Foundation for Delaware County.

The Foundation for Delaware County has found a unique way to honor and celebrate its 5th anniversary.

It is offering qualifying nonprofits in Delaware County a 1:5 match on endowments they set up through the foundation.

CASA Youth Advocates, Inc., which provides volunteer advocates for abused and neglected children, was the first to take advantage of the foundation’s offer by establishing an endowment in January.

Delaware County nonprofits who meet the foundation’s basic grant-making criteria are invited to establish a new permanently endowed fund with the foundation through June 2022 and receive the 1:5 match.

The match will be offered to nonprofits on a first-come, first-served basis, through June 22, 2022, on a minimum $25,000 endowment up to $100,000.

Working together

The Foundation for Delaware County exists to create a permanent source of community capital that benefits the residents of Delaware County.

The foundation distributes grants and supports local organizations with training, networking opportunities, and specialized endowment fund management.

Part of the foundation’s mission is to encourage Delaware County nonprofit organizations to establish and build endowment funds for their long-term sustainability.

The foundation’s goal is to invite nonprofits to learn more about endowments, determine whether they are ready to establish one and if so, to consider partnering with them.

The foundation administers the fund and the nonprofit agency benefits from prudent investment strategies.  Foundation staff is available to consult with members of the organization to help them succeed in establishing and growing their endowment.

The endowment funds are invested for long-term growth and offer a way to build a source of income for a nonprofit organization, supporting operations and providing stability during cyclical changes in income.

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