Over or Under? Chester Paper Plant Managers Give Official TP Ruling


You hang toilet paper rolls over, not under.  “That is the official Scott Paper answer,” says Robert Barkhau, senior engineering manager at Chester’s Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill where 60 percent of the national supply of Scott 1000 toilet paper is created.

A recent visit to the plant gave a behind-the-scenes look at toilet paper operations, reports Amanda Brady for 6 ABC.

Toilet paper rolls came from the minds of Philadelphia brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott in 1890.

Before that, toilet paper was sold, mostly in drug stores,  as a pack of stacked sheets.

As indoor plumbing became more prevalent and the public started focusing on personal hygiene, the idea of a toilet paper roll was embraced.

By 1915, the Scott brothers were putting 1,000 sheets on a roll. Paper product production really took off when they moved from Philadelphia to Chester.

Today, the Chester plant produces about two million rolls daily.

Barkhau and Kevin Bigelow, senior manager of product systems, said people never gave much thought about toilet paper until the pandemic, when suddenly It wasn’t’ there.

“We always thought it was the most important thing and we’re just glad that everyone agrees with us now,” says Bigelow.

 Read more at 6abc about toilet paper and the Chester Kimberly-Clark plant.

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