5 Delco Spots Made Top 100 List of Safest PA Places. Do You Live in 1 of Them?

The Marple Township Police Staton.
Image via Marple Police Facebook page.

Delaware County is home to five of the 100 Safest Places to Live in Pennsylvania, according to a 2022 list from ElitePersonalFinance.com.

ElitePersonalFinance compiled the latest violent crime data available from FBI crime statistics.

The final crime score was determined by taking the total number of violent crimes and dividing it by the community’s population, then multiplying that number by 1,000.

Scores on Pennsylvania’s safest towns ran the gambit from 0 to the least safe out of 100, at .50.

Marple Township came in 25th. It has a population of 23,872 and had only 4 violent crimes reported, giving it a crime score of .17.

Aston Township came in 74th on the list. With a population of 16,708, it had six violent crimes reported for a crime score of .36.

Newtown Township in Delaware County came in 76th. It has a population of 13,571 and there were five crimes reported. It had a score of .37.

Upper Providence Township listed 79th. With a population of 10,478, it had 4 crimes listed and a crime score of .38.

Haverford Township, with a population of 49,422, had 24 violent crimes reported to the FBI. Its crime score was .49.

The following towns score above .50 and are broken down by population:

Population Between 10,000 and 30,000

In a breakout listing of towns that had between 10,000 and 30,000 residents, Springfield Township placed 49th out of 100. Its population of 24,259 saw 13 violent crimes reported, with a crime score of .54.

Nether Providence placed 86th on that list. With a population of 13,770, it had 12 violent crimes reported, for a crime score of .87.

Population 30,000 and Above

In a separate breakout of towns with 30,000 or more population, Middletown Township placed 15th. Its population of 45,185 saw 33 crimes reported for a crime score of .73.

Ridley Township placed 19th. Its population of 31,190 saw 27 violent crimes reported for a crime score of .87.

Radnor Township placed 20th. Its population of 31,935 saw 31 crimes reported for a crime score of .97.

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