Tech Tips With Margaret: COVID Precautions Have Made Organizations Realize Why They Need Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone on iPhone

Digital communication was already a vital part of many workplaces even prior to COVID. And once the pandemic began, Zoom became ubiquitous as a must-have tool. However, even though many have grown quite used to Zoom’s video conferences, some still are not making use of the full potential Zoom has to offer.

Thomas Jones of Generation Digital elaborates, saying that for companies that are looking for more flexibility in how and when employees can connect, Zoom Phone should be seen as an essential part of their video communications suite. As the name suggests, this tool is designed to enhance your ability to make calls.

Zoom Phone can record your calls to make it easier to keep track of information, and it allows any call you make to also be turned into a video call without any interruption. You can even seamlessly switch a Zoom Phone call between your cell phone, your computer, and even your office’s phone system so you don’t ever have to worry about being stuck in one spot during your conversation.

Zoom is also adding several new improvements to its phone system, such as making it easier to utilize virtual backgrounds without a green screen, allowing meetings to be controlled via headset options, and a security feature that embeds details of a user’s identity to their audio track.

Jones also quotes analyst firm Frost and Sullivan, saying that according to their findings “over 88% of C-level decision-makers say that video makes meetings more effective, 84% say it reduces meeting times, 86% say it accelerates decision-making, and 83% say it improves productivity.”

With that many leaders saying greater connectivity is such an advantage, who could deny that the benefits of Zoom Phone would be an even greater help?

To learn more about Zoom Phone, be sure to read the article from Generation Digital by clicking here.


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