For Those With Physical Challenges, This Theater Program Is a Place to Shine


All are welcome at Acting Without Boundaries, especially those with physical disabilities, writes Matteo Iadonisi for

“I’ve said this from day one. In AWB, it doesn’t matter how you look, how you sound, how great your voice is,” said Will Thomas. “You’re just automatically included.”

Thomas, 25, from Wilmington, fell in love with the arts, but was in a wheelchair, making it difficult to participate on stage.  Not at AWB.

“It has truly changed my life and I’m sure it has changed many others,” he said.

Christine Rouse, facing challenges with cerebral palsy, wanted to turn those challenges into a creative outlet, so she founded AWB , located in Bryn Mawr, in 2004.

“Growing up, it was difficult to act,” she said. “I wanted to provide a place where kids can act, but more importantly, they could develop lasting friendships.”

Today, AWB has five programs instilling confidence in its talented actors.

“I think that we’re making great strides and seeing more folks with disabilities represented on stage and screen,” said AWB General Manager Jennifer Huth, “But I think that we have further to go.”

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