New York Times: Twice-Widowed Phoenixville Native Ties the Knot Again on His 95th Birthday

John Shults Jr. and Joy Morrow-Nulton
Image via The New York Times.
Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults Jr. surrounded by family and friends on their wedding day.

May 22 was a great day for a wedding for Phoenixville native John Shults Jr. and Joy Morrow-Nulton, writes Tammy La Gorce for The New York Times.

Surrounded by friends and family, the sweethearts celebrated their 95th birthdays … and wedding.

The two were introduced by John Morrow (Morrow-Nulton’s son) two years prior. That first meeting, however, did not go swimmingly — Morrow-Nulton recalled being bored because the two men kept talking about work.

Still, when Shults invited her out to lunch, just the two of them, she accepted. They soon realized some startling similarities. They both:

  • were born in May 1926
  • were widowed twice after more than 60 years of marriage
  • lived alone in New York for a time
  • were active in their churches
  • enjoyed the same music

The couple continued dating throughout the year. When the pandemic hit, they began spending more time at Shults’s home. By February 2021, they were vaccinated and engaged.

“I hope I make it to 100, so we can have five years together,” said Morrow-Nulton. “He’s a delight to be with.”

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