AmeriHealth Director Gives NATO Sergeant a Ride Home to See Birth of His Son

Imgae via Sgt. Seth Craven.

An AmeriHealth Caritas employee helped a sergeant make his way home from Afghanistan to Charleston, WV, for the birth of his first child, writes Alexander Kacala for

Sgt. Seth Craven  ran into difficulties during the last part of his journey.

He was traveling from a NATO base in Kabul, Afghanistan to his home on Aug. 4, but connecting flights from Philadelphia to West Virigina were cancelled, with no car rentals available.

Enter Charlene Vickers.

Vickers is a programs director for AmeriHealth Cari

Image via Charlene Vickers. Seth Craven, Eryn Glassey, Maureen George and Charlene Vickers during their eight-hour road trip.

tas Partnership in Essington.

“He was sitting on the ground with his back up against the wall and he had his arms draped and his head down,” Vickers, an Exton resident, told TODAY.

Vickers had to get down to West Virginia for a company event, so she offered him a ride.

“It humbled me,” Sgt. Craven said of Vickers’ gracious offer to give him a ride. “It made me realize that if I accept help from others, it will make the things you can’t control easier.”

They arrived just past midnight on Friday, Aug. 9.

At 7:56 a.m., his  son, Cooper Owen, was welcomed into the world.

Read more about this special Journey here.

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